Yogurt has been missing since January 5th this year. She is a Chorkie, Chihuahua terrier~looks like a skinny Chihuahua ALL white short hair w/fluffy hair under her chin on her chest. She has white eyelashes by now probably tear stains underneath her eyes and also very long legs.
She is very friendly loves people especially kids and Men. If you call her she will come to you and also to her knick game which is itty bitty.
She got out the door when the neighbors was over and did not know have on her coat or collar. She’s an indoor dog and she’s always cold outside. She doesn’t understand about the dangers of the world cars roads big dogs or strangers. It’s been so long I’m beginning to think that she was lured away picked up or or may have been stolen but I’m sure she will get out of the next place she’s at trying to find her way. Yogurt has been with me since she was born. Mom and siblings didn’t make it and she has PTSD. She won’t eat dog food I make all her meals for her she goes everywhere with me and sleeps with me at night. Shes scared of the dark.
She was last scene at the front The Trees trailer park on Evergreen boulevard in the Evergreen Shores area closest cross streets are 5th and Evergreen and Evergreen and Grand close by Wintler Park
Please if anybody has even seen her, knows where she’s at, or you have her, contact me no questions asked. I just want my puppy back I miss her I’m worried about her & I can’t sleep.