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Adoption Fees

All of our adoptable animals are fixed, microchipped, vaccinated and they are current on flea medicine and dewormer. Included with an adoption is a free vet exam to ensure that your new pet is healthy.

Adult Dogs: $250.00
Puppies: $380.00
Senior Dogs Over the Age of Eight Years Old: $80.00
Email completed applications to: Adopt A Dog

Adult Cats: $85.00
Kittens: $145.00
Senior Cats Over the Age of Eight Years Old: $75.00
Email completed applications to: Kitty Korner

The purpose of our adoption program is to place animals in responsible, caring, lifetime homes.

These are our guidelines:
1. Because of the abundance of unwanted pets, we will not adopt out a dog or cat that has not been spayed/neutered. All dogs and cats that are available for adoption have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated (other than rabies), microchipped, dewormed and have received flea medication.
2. We encourage you to make a lifetime commitment to this pet. Animals will not be placed to be used exclusively as working animals. Adopters must be at least 18 years old.
3. If you wish to give someone the gift of a pet, please ask the staff for a gift certificate. Because of the highly personal relationship between pets and their owners, animals will not be adopted as gifts.
4. All members of the family are encouraged to come to the Shelter to meet the pet(s) prior to adoption. For the safety of children and pets, families with children under the age of six are encouraged to choose a pet older than four months.
5. If you rent, we will contact your landlord to ensure his/her permission to bring a pet into the rental.
6. Pet overpopulation is a serious problem in our community. Make sure, all pets you now own, are spayed and neutered, before adopting a new one. All of your animals should be current with vaccinations, to protect the new pet.
7. As required, pets at home should be licensed.
8. Legal ordinances are written to protect you, your pet and your neighbors, and must be obeyed. If you would like more information about local laws regarding pets, please ask the staff.
9. We would like to adopt every pet that comes to the Shelter. However, in fairness to the animals, we must reserve the right to refuse adoption to people who have shown a lack of responsibility for their pets or to homes that do not meet our standards.
10. We recommend that dogs be kept in the house, a kennel or a fenced yard. We will not adopt a dog to a home where the primary method of restraint is long-term tethering or lying out.
11. We encourage you and your pet to be model citizens. The adoption contract will be voided if the animal is not receiving proper care.
12. Very few animals come to the Shelter wearing identification. To be certain we can return your pet to you if lost, your dog or cat will receive a microchip at the time of adoption.

Success Stories!

Here are a few success stories of animals that were adopted out in 2023. We love getting these stories and always look forward to hearing how our animals are doing.

If you’ve adopted from the Humane Society of Cowlitz County and would like to share your story with us, send us some photos and a short write up to:

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