Longview Go 4th Parade

The HSCC will be walking in the Go 4th Parade in Longview near Lake Sacajawea. Come out to visit us and say hi to the adoptable dogs we bring!

Tattoo Event June 12 & 13!

Thinking of a new tatto and love animals?

Mountain Goat Tattoo Co. is holding a two day tattoo event to help raise money for the Humane Society.

Friday July 12 and Saturday July 13 starting at 11:00, you can get in line and choose from an array of animal and pet related flash, some created especially for this event!

Flash designs only. Loads to choose from! Prices are $100-$180 Bring donations for the Humane Society to be entered into a raffle for great prizes! See needed items.

Animal and pet related flash designed especially for this event will be shown here on June 28. Watch for them!

Past Events

Humane Society Store Room Clean Up Day

We’ve got some Spring cleaning to do and we need your help!

On Saturday, June 15, 2024, put on your most rugged work clothes, grab your gloves and lend us a hand.  We’ll start at 10:00 to clean out our store room and barn.  We’re going to:

– Remove items from our store room and move them to a staging area
– Check carriers and crates to make sure they are in good shape
– Break down carriers and stack them for storage
– Remove items from the upstairs area of barn
– Take items to trash/dumpster
– Clean up dog houses


Thank you to the most hard working group of volunteers!

 We made great progress and have newly opened space in our store room now!